Monday, 31 October 2016

Tife's Lucky Day... or Not?

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"Heeeeeee!" Bennie screamed.

"Village girl. Remind me again, why do I hang out with you?"

"Lemme joor. You will not spoil my joy. Hei!" she exclaimed again, all giggles and weird faces. She kept turning the piece of paper back and forth in her right hand. She was looking at it funny, as if it would disappear the next minute.

"This has got to be like the party of the year" Bennie breathed, "abi, can't you see? Even the ticket no be here. The quality alone's got me swooning, baby girl..."

"I wonder what you'll do when you see all the celebrities at the event", Tife said to her 'bush' friend.

"ooohhhh" Bennie whistled, fanning herself with the ticket and turning her eyes dramatically as though she was about to faint.

Tife had other things on her mind. She wasn't unsure about WHY her father gave her these VIP tickets. It was not because there were no other people he could have given it to, afterall, he had more than 5 young ladies working with him at The Point. And they would have deserved it more, because one way or the other, they must have worked on this project. What did Tife know about preserving endangered animal species in Africa, anyway?

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No, it was simply because of the array of eligible bachelors, celebrities and otherwise, who were billed to attend. And Tife could bet a year's supply of her favourite Alcoholic Chocolate Ice-cream that Mama Tife's hand was heavy on this one. Since her father gave her the tickets about a week ago, mum had been very prominent on her call log,

"Tife, don't wear a square neckline o. You know it doesn't flatter your chest", 
"Did you see that style Joke Silva wore inside Complete Fashion? It will look good on you", 
"Your daddy said that Olamide boy will be there. That one that is always singing 'idi' and 'iranu'. I must not see you near him o!"

The list was endless. Tife just always said "Yes ma"; It made life easier. It was way better than saying what she actually wanted to say. "Mummy, I don't know if I want to go to this party. I don't feel too cool about it"
Trust Mama Tife to cast her to the whole world- 'The child who wants to kill her mother'

So here she was, the 'lucky' only daughter of the man whose agency was hired to handle the PR and Media Relations for one of the dopest global strictly-by-invitation events of the year, and she really did not want to go. Most girls would kill to have these tickets! She looked at Bennie again. Her friend was hovering her phone over the brochure-like ticket; most likely oppressing her many followers on Snapchat and Insta. Yes, most girls would kill for it. *sigh*

Why couldn't her professional success impress her parents- and everybody else for that matter!? Why was her Pastor always 'cautiously' injecting "My God will complete you, in Jesus name" into every conversation? Why did everyone think they could 'help'? 

Well, as she often told her mother, she was not ready to hurt herself in attempts to find a man. She was content to keep improving herself as a person until she met the right man. It wasn't that she didn't feel that strong need for a special companion. She just wasn't ready to desperately snag a guy who would eventually turn out to be the infamous bone stuck in the throat. God forbid!

She would go to this event, she decided. It wouldn't hurt, right? Besides, she had a soft spot for her father and could not imagine disappointing him. He could have given those tickets to any of his staff but he'd gone out on a limb for her {even if he'd been manipulated by his wife}.

"Teeeee!" Bennie's shrieked, promptly jolting Tife out of her reverie.

"What?" she asked, irritated.

"Check their Instagram handle"

"Whose Instagram?"

"United Against Extinction, of course!" Bennie answered with exaggerated patience.

"The event has an Instagram handle?"

"Who's the village girl now? You just gave me my ticket, but I already know more about the event than you do. Of course, they have an Instagram handle. Check it joor "

"Please just tell me what it is. And why're you so excited?"

Bennie's eyes were so alive as she explained, "Apparently, as VIP ticket holders, we get to participate in a raffle draw. It's for single ladies, and the winner gets to spend a day at a classy restaurant on the island. The restaurant is not yet revealed, but get this, the winner gets to spend a day with Banky W! The one and only Banky W!"

"You're kidding!"
"Check it nah..."

If there was one stupidity Tife allowed herself to indulge in, it was the crush on Banky W, but even at that, she wasn't about to become a teenager high on hormones, like Bennie was acting at the moment.

"Wow", she conceded.  

Suddenly, she really wanted to be at this party. She wasn't even aware he was one of the invited celebrities, and now, to think she had the chance to spend a day with him. Mama Tife's 'help' didn't look so bad now... and maybe she should check out Complete Fashion, or even Vogue. 

Bennie still had one 'yeye' grin on her face as she kept surfing Instagram...

"But Bennie, I don't even get why you're so excited. Aren't you engaged?"

She turned sharply, "So?!"

"Ah, ma binu"

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