Friday, 26 February 2016

My Week in Words… Okay let’s break the boredom with one Video *winks*

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It’s Friday already! Yaaay!

I dunno why I’m excited o. the only reason I can see is maybe the TGIF syndrome. It’s not like I’m looking forward to anything spectacular for the weekend (except maybe getting to rest a lil bit more). Even the part about getting to rest some more is still not sure like dat like dat… it is well.

Let’s get straight to it… My week started as it has for sometime now: Thank God It’s Monday! Weird yea, I know… But when home is not really what it should be, work just becomes bae. Every family has its down moments, and I’m trusting God to see mine through the storms. I can’t spill any beans on the situation but trust me, revealing this ‘much’ sef is a big deal for me! I’m not your average ‘sharer’.

Anyway, this week has been quite interesting so far (You know the word ‘interesting’ is used for both positive and negative stuff, right?). So here are 5 takeaways from my week:

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Perception of sickle cell anaemia

My good friend Tola is a strong woman (even though she might disagree). She is the woman behind Tola reached out to me for an article on my perception of folks living with the Sickle Cell disorder and to be honest, it took quite a while before I got the hang of what I wanted to write. 

Recently, I stumbled on something written by popular Radio OAP, Tosyn Bucknor. In it, she shared her Sickle cell story (I didn't know that too!) and ended with a few hashtags. One caught my eye: #SickleStar 

No need for further stories. Read my article for Tola's site after the cut

Monday, 15 February 2016

A Short Story: "Toyosi Woke Smiling..."

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...Wrote this piece as an entry for a competition that I eventually couldn't enter for... Just thought it shouldn't join the ridiculously high pile of unrecorded stories I can already boast of (I need help mehn!).

Toyosi woke smiling. She’d just had a bad dream but wasn’t disturbed! What was it about sef, she mused, while turning towards the owner of the firm hand holding her lovingly in sleep. In her dream, she’d been pushed off a cliff by a popular movie actor. The dream should have terrified her, but no, not while she snuggled with her Sent-From-Above ‘Boo’.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

4 Essential Lessons from Olajumoke

Olajumoke… the name on everyone’s lips. The name that effortlessly broke our internet without a strategically mapped out publicity stunt. I’m not sure Jumoke is even your average Internet consumer, yet, her story has gone viral on the same platform, touching lives and inspiring many creations.

I first got wind of the Olajumoke story when top Nigerian photographer TY Bello, posted the picture of the Agege bread seller making her ‘modeling’ debut on the set of TY and Tinie’s shoot. My first thought was “Yea, she does look like a model”. Fine, I was impressed by the incident “I hope they find her o” and then on to the next interesting blog post. Then came an update to the story: Olajumoke had been found. YaaaaY!!!  

Reading all the updates on the story, I couldn’t help but learn some MIGHTY lessons. I’m definitely not the only one; she trended on Twitter and all of a sudden, many folks started praying to the God of Olajumoke. Powerful!

Here are 4 things I learnt from Olajumoke the Bread Seller: