Saturday, 30 July 2016

International Day of Friendship; What does Friendship Mean to You?

These days, friendship is not a simple thing anymore. Maybe once upon a time, you could have just said it's that relationship that two (or more) friends enjoy. Where each person looks out for the wellbeing of the other and help to grow one another.... Where feelings are pure such that even when there are misunderstandings, the next thing is to sort things out for the sake of the friendship. No backbiting or frontpunching, no maliciousness, or envy, or jealousy...

Don't get me wrong. There ARE still such friendships, but the more I venture out of my safe little circle, the more I realise that such are now rare. We not only have a lot of unhealthy feelings flying around in so-called 'friendships', we now have so many variations that me sef can like to confuse (pardon my english). There's Friends with benefits, situationships, frenemy, etc... Issorai.

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Friendship knows no colour

So what exactly are we supposed to be celebrating on an International Day of Friendship? I'm going to leave that one to you because I think it's an individual decision.

But if you've ever (EVER! even for just a second) had a TRUE friend, you'll agree with me that friendships are worth it. Even the best relationships have their roots in friendship (story for another day). Even the wisest man in the Bible agreed that there's a friend that sticks closer than a brother. The strength of the friendship bond cannot be toyed with.

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Man petting his dog
...or Specie

Me? I have FRIENDS... And it's not easy to be my friend (no, I'm not dracula), so I cherish these special ones that stick with me.

And oh, you can't really know true friendship until you've been down in th rut. That's when you can tell your gold from imitiation. Here's to all true friends and friendships out there!

Enough talk. 
Happy International Day of Friendship!

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