Thursday, 25 August 2016

YES! It's finally here! The Solution to All Your Writing Needs... INKBEET

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For a while now, I've been uploading teasers on my social media pages. Something along the lines of #AllergicToError #Inkbeet etc. etc. Now it's out! The answer to all your writing and content needs! 

I saw somewhere that if you're good at something, you should not do it for free. And this is what I'm good at. What's more? I love doing it. Even if I know some people who would rather I shut up than correct every misplaced comma or colon... Hehehe

Enough story...

Please patronize o!!! *wink*

Thursday, 4 August 2016


P.S. This is kinda like a personal rant. You might be able to relate with it but I doubt if your situation is EXACTLY the same. So, please excuse it if it doesn't meet your need head-on. I just needed to vent...

How do you deal?!

Seriously? How do you deal with parents who are just 'un-dealable'? How do you deal with a father who wakes your mum up in the middle of the night and tells her to go find you another dad; tells her you're no longer his child? How do you wrap it around your head that just that night, there had been nothing wrong and he had spoken with you just as a father would, his daughter? What could have happened between 8pm and 3am when you didn't even see each other within that period? 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

HAPPY NEW MONTH! 6 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About August...

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It's not too late, is it? 

It's only the 2nd of August so I guess not... Happy New Month efflybody! Yes, I pray you every blessing in the universe in this new month, but much more than that, I hope you really LIVE every moment- the good & the not so good. I think we focus too much on the good times and forget to reflect on the 'not-so-good'... story for another day

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Here are 5 things you didn't know about this new month: