Tuesday, 26 January 2016

This is Adeola... DON'T be Like Her... Be Like You {Self-Appreciation}

Be Like Bill internet meme

Y’all seen the latest viral stuff yet? Before somebody attacks me on whether the word “Viral” is accurate or not, lemme clear things up. The word, as used here, is a relative term. It was all over my Facebook, BBM, Insta and generally my corner of the World Wide Web. So to me, it was viral   

Monday, 18 January 2016

Why Many Ikorodu Residents Are Smiling...

Happy man; Ikorodu-marydeescott.blogspot.com

I think I’m an ungrateful person. No, let me not go that far. Let’s say I just committed an act of ingratitude, or insensitivity, however you may see it. Of course you’re thinking “Why such a ‘harsh’ personal judgment?”

My friend recently asked if I’d taken the newly commissioned Ikorodu BRT buses. Basically, he wanted to know how the experience was. That was only when I thought about it; about my BRT rides. And needless to say, that was when I concluded that I had been ungrateful. To imagine that I had not thought to chronicle my experience with the new buses, and I claim to have a blog o! I no try!
This is a development that, since November that it was commissioned, has brought me much ease. 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Truth About Going Through Tough Times

going through difficult times

Ever been at a place where it seems your middle name is confusion? Where it’s like everything around you is becoming one big haze? No physical support system in sight, you can’t make much sense about anything anymore and making ANY decision becomes scary as hell! I’ve had one too many of such in my lifetime so far. Sometimes I imagine that I might have lost it if not for God’s promise that I would not be tried more than I can bear. 1cor.10:13. But then I also imagine, “Am I strong enough for all these sha?”

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Diary of a Young Nigerian Daddy's Girl; BellaNaija 2015 Epilogues Entry

black woman writing in a diary

Being a whiiiiiiiiile!
Do I have any excuse?
Well, not really... Been occupied with some other stuff, had a lot on my mind and not been feeling too good. Writer's juice has actually not been flowing 'like dat like dat' too.

So here's a quick one I just thought to record here. Bella Naija called for 2015 Epilogues. Yours Truly, the typical DG {Daddy's Girl} thought to put in an entry and it got published! Yaaay!

So here goes a peek into the life of this young Nigerian. I hope you don't get bored... *wink*