Saturday, 30 July 2016

10 Sad Facts about Human Trafficking. What Can You Do?

Human trafficking

I'm guessing we've gone past the point of trying to prove that human trafficking is modern-day slavery in its most cruel form...

In case you're still stuck in this phase, just imagine yourself. Imagine yourself, or your sister, or brother, or partner. Imagine going to bed, and being dragged off suddenly in the middle of the night. Next thing you know, you're stripped of all support: no money, no contact with folks, nothing! in a strange environment. You're forced to do unimaginable things to keep alive. Your self-worth is torn to shreds; your trust, violated and you can't even protest... because your 'boss' has not only caged you physically, but emotionally and psychologically!

International Day of Friendship; What does Friendship Mean to You?

These days, friendship is not a simple thing anymore. Maybe once upon a time, you could have just said it's that relationship that two (or more) friends enjoy. Where each person looks out for the wellbeing of the other and help to grow one another.... Where feelings are pure such that even when there are misunderstandings, the next thing is to sort things out for the sake of the friendship. No backbiting or frontpunching, no maliciousness, or envy, or jealousy...