Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Is Fear To Be Feared?

Dealing with fear: Is fear to be feared?

This is basically an account of something I witnessed on my way home. Initially I was pissed off at the seat I was able to secure on the bus. It was one of those 18-seater buses where everyone is squeezed together like bread and akara, and God help you if, of all the four passengers on your seat, you’re the only slim-fitted person. Fortunately, this was not my case, but I wasn’t totally comfortable all the same. 

I had to sit on the last row (a major disadvantage when the time came to alight at my stop) and the vehicle was missing one window. So my seat was quite exposed. That meant I was quite exposed! When you’re in traffic at Mile 12, you want to use your phone and you have your bag with you, that situation is NOT cool! It wouldn’t take the dumbest thief anything to snatch my bag.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How Far, Nigeria; Issues in the Nigerian Society

I saw something again today. I’m beginning to think I deserve a tag- Legend of the Seer, maybe? Or what do y’all think? We’ll leave that for now. Let’s get back to what I saw today. A little background info first: I serve my nation at a TV station in town and I wouldn’t say NYSC has been boring for me. I work as a reporter so I get to go places and see faces.
Back to the main thing: I was just returning from another day out in the city of Ibadan, looking for news to report; little did I know that I would find news right at the entrance gate to our office.