Friday, 23 October 2015

Lagos Traffic, Hustle, etc; Some of You May want to Chew me Up for This.

Busy motor park in Lagos

Some words you hear and they just slip out of your recollection. Others you hear and they become a ‘jam’ stuck on replay. I’ve had quite a few jams so far, but one which has been most resounding for about 2 weeks now is the statement made by a bus conductor. 

As talkatively annoying as the man was, I couldn’t help but mull over those few words. On that day, we had been stuck in traffic for over an hour on the Island. All the while, this conductor kept throwing in one joke after another. Most of the time, us passengers just hissed; the combination of hot weather and crazy traffic was not conducive for mirth or humor at all. 

So when he said “All of you for inside this Lagos, make una no born pikin o!”, there were a few more hisses. He still continued: 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Who knew I would one day be called Cougar! *wink*

Korede Bello Bellovers crush

When Korede Bello first hooked us (it's not just me, yea?) with his irresistible voice and wink, I knew him only as the new kid on the block. By far, I ain't no fanatic of music or any art generally, but Korede got me. I av a LOT of fleeting crushes! Virtually every new kid on the block who gets me with his song becomes my newest crush, until they prove to be only a one-hit wonder. That's it. I move on to the next crush who can manage to impress me with good music.

Friday, 2 October 2015

The Abnormal Normality; A Case for Unity in Diversity

unity in diversity

I saw something again.

Walking from Anthony bus stop to work has become- to some extent- routine. So when I see something or someone who spices it up, I classify that as news (you don’t have to agree). Walking towards the pedestrian bridge, I saw this dude on the bridge, biking. It was the first time I’d come across such a sight (I can just hear some of you going “Seriously! Are you a JJC in Lagos?” I agree, I’m not the most exposed person you’ve ever met) so I couldn’t help looking. A few people on the bridge stopped to glance. Me? I looked o! Well, not in an obvious “oh-my-gosh” way; I took in all the details in that ingenious manner us ladies check out a fine ‘bobo’ for the first time.