Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Little Drops: Tips on Battling Low-Self Esteem

overcoming low self-esteem

It’s funny, no, amazing how little drops of water make a mighty ocean. When experts make a lot of noise about low self-esteem; when people assess the enormous damage that low self-esteem has been responsible for, I can’t help but think “How far along has that been?”
You see, self-esteem is actually never part of a person’s makeup at birth (at least that’s what I think). We pick it up along the way, most times unconsciously though. “Little” words, actions, experiences could send the signal “you’re not enough” to a person’s mind.
I’ll like to share something I came across here. It mirrored my situation and helped me put things in better perspective:

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A lil Something Straight From My Heart

creative design illustration in Nigeria

The man who said “Change is the only constant thing in life , couldn’t have captured the truth more aptly!

I look back at the little-more-than two decades I’ve spent on earth and I think to myself “change is indeed constant”. I think of all the phases I’ve been through- the first 9 years of childhood innocence and bliss, before that life was tainted by ugliness in the home; the violence, the fear…