Monday, 14 December 2015

Psst... Don't Tell Anyone. 6 Beauty Secrets for that Megawatt Smile This Harmattan


Harmattan. The weather most folks dread. What if I told you I like that time of year? Don't believe me 'patapata'; believe me small. I like it when harmattan comes around because:

1. For an oily-skin person as myself, harmattan is bliss. We don't get cracked skin like every other person. With the right amount of petroleum jelly, we're good to go! It's a welcome break from the norm of having to wipe excess oil off our faces every now and then.

2. Super-fast 'Clothes-drying' time! Why? Because I have a syndrome. Dunno what to name it but suffice it to say that the longer my clothes take to dry, the higher the chances of me forgetting it on the clothes-line. With harmattan, those chances are highly reduced.

3. I don't have to worry about sweltering heat... just the dryness

Monday, 7 December 2015

Emotionally, Living Together Offers Equal Benefits as Being Married?

Married black couple

Okay, so this study carried out by some fellows at the Ohio State University in the US, found that moving in together offers the same emotional benefits as being married. 
The study does record some variations resulting from gender differences, but basically, it posits that marriage is not much different from co-habitation when it comes to emotional wellbeing.

Sara Mernitz, one of the Study co-authors, said 
"Now it appears that young people, especially women, get the same emotional boost from moving in together as they do from going directly into marriage."

Still on the Nigerian Senate and this #Socialmediabill Palaver

social media bill in Nigeria
Source: Google
I know I have a leaning towards storytelling, but this I'm about to recount, is no story.
So my colleague comes into the office and the first thing I notice is his hair. He had cut it.
I go all "Aww... You cut your hair? Why did you cut it?" he just smiled, kinda shyly sef, and said "Na long story o". Something about the way he said it, the look on his face; something about it gave him away. It clicked:
"Oh! Your girlfriend asked you to cut it abi?" 
If I had any doubts about my conclusion before, his expression drove them away. He was all blushy smiley smiley. It was his next comments that got me cracking though...