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4 Important Money Tips for the Single Woman Living in Lagos

Single Ladies in Lagos-
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Who doesn’t know things aren’t so swell at the moment? As a single woman living on your own, things can be pretty tough at times like this. You know that feeling of dread that comes as you realize you’ve run out of Vegetable oil, Onions or Ata gigun (Ground Pepper)? On top of that, bus fares have increased, and even if you have a car, getting fuel is now a struggle from another planet. The last thing you need is your typical Lagos landlord who is increasing house rent, because why? Dollar ti won! (yea, I know all about murdering another human being a million times in your head).

Let’s forget about harsh economic conditions for a while. Lagos itself is a money-consuming entity; most times you spend the money before even making it. So if you know you have no endless cash-vomiting ATM (Human or machine, you know wah I’m sayin’?), you might want to consider the following tips:


Budgeting is NOT uncool. Source: Google

Yep! It wouldn’t be a bad idea if you made this into an “A,B,C,D… ELEMENO P” kinda song. Chant it all day long sis, because literally, it could be the one to save your ass from financial fire. Personally, I think you’re the best person to draw up a budget for yourself, but if you know you’re not disciplined enough to do a REAL budget, and you don’t mind disclosing your income and expenditure to someone else, then by all means get an expert’s help. DON’T leave anything out. Housing costs, utility bills, transportation, feeding, insurance, personal feminine stuff, miscellaneous, etc. And please be as real as possible. You don’t want to over-budget or under-budget.


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"Painful= when you see that 'make-sense' shoe at give-away price and you want to get it but then the angel of remembrance reminds you of your budget. Ouch!" -Mary Scott *lol*
Or when that colleague brings the imported chocolate for sale and you long to indulge, but errrm… Budget. Ladies, we all know how it feels, yea? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how we see it), that’s the price we have to pay. Why do a budget if you’re never gonna follow through? If it takes running away (LOL), please do it to avoid impulsive buying. Even the Bible says to “flee temptation” abi?


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It’s never too late to adopt a savings attitude. The earlier you find innovative ways to cut costs, the better for you. You could try:

  • Cooking more instead of eating out,
  • Conserving electricity and water to reduce cost of bills,
  • Cutting down on how much shoes, bags, clothes, makeup etc that you buy. Some things can be done away with so don’t indulge. We can’t all be Linda. While she can afford to hold an argument over Hermes Birkin bags, many of us are still arguing with the pepper seller about the absurdity of Dollar affecting pepper and tomatoes,
  • Cutting down on the cinemas and hang-outs that cost so much

You’re already seeing this as one Killjoy wahala abi? Naaaah… I like to call it Discipline (which we all need at almost every point in our lives). Someone else might just call it… Common Sense *wink*


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You’re looking to be a wise spender and your close pals can’t do without eating fries and chicken every night? Every Saturday, it’s either the mall, cinemas or one bad-ass international hotel or the other? Issokay… have fun watching all your budgeting and resolutions go down the drain. Yes, Au Revoir baby! Bottomline: Roll with like minds. It makes it all easier for you.

This is not advising you to give break-up notice to your heavy-spender friends o! It’s just saying that spending so much time with such folks won’t help your financial discipline. If they’re not willing to change or to see things your way, maybe you want to cut down your hangout time with them or else, develop an armor of iron against their spending habits (sincerely, I’d like to see how this works out for you)

Show me your friends... Image: Google

So that’s all from me. I’m sure you know of some more tips that might help us single ladies or maybe you just want to share personal experience on the topic. Please do that in the comments box below…

Peace and Chocolate cake,
Mary ✌


  1. Helpful piece. Well done Mary Scott. More Grace to you.

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  3. Thanks omotola. And if you do think of any more tips that can help, please share...

  4. That's some serious hitting the nail on the head. Couldnt have said it any better.thumbs up

  5. Coming from the Barrister herself, the nail is really on the head niyen. Lol. Thanks ma'am

  6. Thumbs up to u dear. Am so proud of u on dis piece.
    I can recommend this to anyone.
    My baby's doing really great.

  7. I'm sure you'll have quite a number of your female 'children' who'll find it useful *wink*... Funny father

  8. I'm sure you'll have quite a number of your female 'children' who'll find it useful *wink*... Funny father