Thursday, 1 September 2016

9 Amazing Things You Never Knew About September the 9th Month

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Happy new month, guys! May September usher in pleasant surprises for everyone, and may we all find cause to smile, even in these difficult times.

I’ve always believed September is a very special month. When I was little, I used to love the feeling of moving into a new class in September. Weirdly also, I strongly believe that the month is female. I'm sure you're dying to know how I came about that theory. Yea?

No long story. Check out these facts and tell me if you actually KNEW…


September was originally the 7th month of the Roman calendar, thus the name SEPTEMber. ‘Septem’ is Latin for Seven.


September is the 9th month, and is spelled with 9 letters: The ONLY month of the year that does so.


Every year, September starts on the same day of the week as December.


September happens to be one classy chick. She bows out with a day of the week peculiar to her alone. No other month ends on the same day as the month of September does.


The month has three birth flowers, and they’re all passionate in nature {See? you can’t really deny my theory now, eh?}; The Forget-me-not, Morning glory, and the Aster. These flowers signify Love, memories, and unrequited love. Need I say more?

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The birthstone for September is the sapphire, known to signify intuition, clarity of thought, and 


If you’re September-born, you either fall under the Virgo zodiac sign {August 23-September 22} or the Libra {September 23-October 22}.


September-born folks are: 
-- Very intellectual, critical and picky; 
-- Hard workers, with a tendency to over-do it; 
-- Masters of communication, excellent at Speaking & Writing; 
-- Often sarcastic, as their intelligence sometimes gets into their head; 
-- Logical about most things in life, love & marriage inclusive; 
-- Incredibly loyal, even to a fault!; 
-- Strict perfectionists, usually too concerned over minor issues {they can really take life too seriously sometimes}
-- Health-conscious; 
-- Inquisitive, analytical and investigative; 
-- Prone to headaches or head injury, eye, and sinus problems {Ejo, how true is this?}; 
-- Said to {allegedly. I can't really say how true this is} sometimes find relief from headaches by walking barefoot on the grass or close to a body of water. Apparently, they regenerate from the earth’s magnetic field. issokay

And finally....

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I know many beautiful souls born in September. Shout-out to my Grandma, Mama Posh, Emma the English Professor, Hayweezie the longtime Bae, Esther my drama queen, Mallam Yusuf, the Hammed Twins, and so many many more! 

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Hin caze yhou dhidhin't knowh, dahz mhe!

Oh, I almost forgot, YOURS TRULY will be celebrating her birthday in exactly one week from today.  

Peace & Chocolate Cake,


  1. Awww... Ain't we special?! As for the headache and grass, I shuu try it out sometime except that there are hardly any grasses anywhere anymore... paraps!

  2. We is truly special...
    Funny, I've been thinking of when to try out the 'Grass' remedy too...

  3. Knowledge, they say is power! Perhaps I've always known some if these stuff about the most adorable and cute month - September. However, can't deny some other stuff you mentioned are new to me. That's the impressive thing about this blog... so very informative and educative. Well done Mary! We look forward to celebrating you soon.

  4. Danke! Gracias!! Thank you!!! 🙌...
    And a big Amen to me being celebrated