Thursday, 25 August 2016

YES! It's finally here! The Solution to All Your Writing Needs... INKBEET

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For a while now, I've been uploading teasers on my social media pages. Something along the lines of #AllergicToError #Inkbeet etc. etc. Now it's out! The answer to all your writing and content needs! 

I saw somewhere that if you're good at something, you should not do it for free. And this is what I'm good at. What's more? I love doing it. Even if I know some people who would rather I shut up than correct every misplaced comma or colon... Hehehe

Enough story...

Please patronize o!!! *wink*

Only the blank page needs no editing-Marty Rubin

Everybody can write, but eventually, what readers want is an edited, coherent read. They want something that can be easily comprehended whilst still conveying its message accurately. And let’s be honest, what’s the point of writing something that your reader(s) will lose interest in?
Writing itself is enough work, and editing? That can prove to be quite a task.

That is why InkBeet is here…

We offer premium editing and proofreading services that will take your writings from ‘just words’ to a purposeful ‘MESSAGE’. We’ll be taking out the bones and trimming any excess fat. All that we’ll leave is a mouth-watering offering of words that your audience will gobble up in delight! That IS the ultimate destiny of every document, right?

Our services include:

  • Academic writings: Assignments, Undergraduate project, Dissertation, Thesis, Article, Journal entry, etc.
  • Speeches
  • Press releases
  • Book Editing
  • Job Applications & CVs
  • Online content, etc

  • Articles & Short essays
  • Short stories
  • Online content

  • Audio recordings

  • Audience Analysis,
  • Content strategy,


And here’s our promise, in the words of Rogena Mitchell-Jones,

“We edit your words, your writing, your sentences & paragraphs… but never your voice”

Call or WhatsApp: 08089940032
BBM: 569D6A3A
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