Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Importance of Hard Work: Life Lessons from Two 'Okada' men...

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You know the surest thing to get me skeptical about any offer? F.R.E.E!!! That word carry weight abeg. Usually, 'free' stuff have an attachment. Be not deceived, my country pipu, Awoof dey run belle! You really have to give something to get something...

The other day I was gonna get a bike from the bus-stop to my house. Approaching the park, I was already grumbling to myself "All these okada men will come now and start dragging somebody 'Aunty come nah, where you dey go? see my bike here o' "

I sighted this dude signalling me to come with his hand. I was headed towards him when, gbam! another okada man pulled out and rode his bike to park right in front of me! Issorait. My own is to enter bike and go home.

Then this other guy who had signalled earlier started ranting in Yoruba, "What is wrong with you Ibo people? You saw that I called her and you just came to steal my passenger like that. We'll soon send you back to your land, you'll see!"

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Funny guy. He just got me smiling. And then I got thinking. While Mr. Yoruba a.k.a owner of the land stood beside his bike, waiting for customer to approach him like the king that he thinks he is, Mr. Ibo a.k.a opportunity grabber had got on his own bike and brought it exactly where it was needed- in front of the customer. Why then shouldn't the latter get the customer, biko? 

It is so relatable to many of us. You get an idea but you're 'waiting' for all the necessary resources to fall in your lap. No biggie. We'll just tag you 'Legend of the Waiter' and trust me, your Series won't run out of seasons...because you'll NEVER stop waiting!

quotes on hardwork

Who deceived you? Who told you you're too special or privileged to hustle? I laugh in your wasted opportunities.  You're not doing anything and you want to get something? Congrats, you WILL get something, just not the something you hoped for. Don't over-spiritualize things either. Skabash all you want, but if you're not working at your stuff, FORGERRIT O! Make effort, work hard, be diligent, persevere, sieze opportunities with 50 hands and legs. Act like you want it please!

I'm sure y'all get what I've been trying to say with all my big grammar. Work on it, people.

P.S- This post is as much a wake-up call for me as it is for anybody...

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