Monday, 14 December 2015

Psst... Don't Tell Anyone. 6 Beauty Secrets for that Megawatt Smile This Harmattan


Harmattan. The weather most folks dread. What if I told you I like that time of year? Don't believe me 'patapata'; believe me small. I like it when harmattan comes around because:

1. For an oily-skin person as myself, harmattan is bliss. We don't get cracked skin like every other person. With the right amount of petroleum jelly, we're good to go! It's a welcome break from the norm of having to wipe excess oil off our faces every now and then.

2. Super-fast 'Clothes-drying' time! Why? Because I have a syndrome. Dunno what to name it but suffice it to say that the longer my clothes take to dry, the higher the chances of me forgetting it on the clothes-line. With harmattan, those chances are highly reduced.

3. I don't have to worry about sweltering heat... just the dryness

Not forgetting though, that harmattan has its downsides; coughs and colds everywhere, insane dryness (especially during the day, with the sun shining at its brightest *the traitor!*). There's also the untold hardship faced by folks with dry skin.Oh Lawd! 


Having said all these, is it possible to keep a megawatt smile during harmattan? Can you beat this weather at its game? Say "We flawless" in spite of the cracks?
I came across an article about this on Motherhood and Lifestyle site, Mamagidi. Here are some hints:

Make friends with fruits & veggies

Not only do they help to retain moisture for your skin, they also make your teeth whiter and your smile brighter. Now, how cool is that!

The ever-reliable Water

Water keeps you hydrated. That means you feel better and ultimately are in a better mood. Why won’t your smile be bright?


Jazz up your lips

Highlighting your lips with some lip liner can do more magic than you thought. Your lip gloss, or better still, lip balm should also be on 24-hr duty. Personally, I think lip balms are more effective but some ladies have successfully worked with the more popular lip gloss. You might also want to try highlighting your lips with a little concealer. 


Choose the Right Shade of Eyeshadow/Eyeliner

This kinda goes without saying. You don't want to use colours that make you look dull and dampens your face. You want something that screams "Hey! I'm rocking this harmattan!"

Bronzer Power!

Contour your face with bronzer. That's another secret, ladies. In a shade darker than your skin tone, blend a matte foundation or bronzer under your cheekbone and down the bridge of your nose. If done right, it'll give you quite a glow!

Finally, The 'Flawless' Flow

What is The Flawless Flow? It is a state of mind where you refuse to let ANYTHING (in this case, the harmattan) cramp your style. Call it a fighting spirit, you won't be far from the truth. This harmattan, be determined to keep glowing, don't get discouraged by all that skin cracking and nose itching. Fight that feeling in the morning when all you want to do is crawl under the covers and not face the day. Shine from the inside. 

Who says your Glam Game cannot be at its best this harmattan?

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